Yoga Classes

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All my classes are considered intermediate/advanced vinyasa yoga. It is assumed all practitioners have a background in vinyasa yoga and are able to modify for injuries/pregnancy/physical ability. Please consult your medical professional before starting any exercise program. Each practitioner takes responsibility for their safety during the course of the practice.
Thank you! Love, Melinda

All classes contain: poses linked with breath and the following staples


  • Sun salutations

  • Standing poses: warrior poses, twists, balancing poses, forward bending and side bending

  • Floor work

  • Backbends

  • Closing sequence: shoulder stand, headstand, sivasana, meditation and chanting

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“Get ready to sweat! All classes will get you moving – the first 10-15 minutes are designed to warm you up from the inside. Then we move to steady ourselves and deepen our experience of the poses. Do your best! Use the visual as a guide – if you are new to my classes (welcome!) use the visual as an aide to get accustomed to my style. Pretty soon you will only need my voice to guide you. Its ok to fall out of a pose, or modify. Taking the same class more than once = practice = great idea. Yay! Time for class!”