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Changed my mind!

Class 9 is on the site now! Its a good one.  

I changed my mind! I said I was going to send out newsletters once per month but that was silly. I upload a new class once per week, so here we are...  

I am back to teaching yoga, but online! I love it more than I ever thought I would. At the same time, I deeply miss the connection and personal interaction of yoga classes in the studio, I do.  A teacher is not a teacher without students. I miss you guys, truly. Both emotions, excitement and nostalgia, are coexisting for me right now. 

Online is pretty awesome - take class when you want, anytime, day or night. No lines, no sweaty gym mats, no drama. Just you and me. 

So why did I change my mind about the frequency of the newsletter? Well, if I am being honest, I was playing small. I have a tendency, when it comes to self promotion, to make myself smaller, shrink myself down, led by the belief that I am somehow taking up too much space. Can you relate?  Maybe at work you are a rock star but elsewhere you hide your thoughts, ideas, creativity, talents, and gifts.  Whatever it might look like for you, apologetic behavior feels like a disclaimer, as in "Don't mind me, I am just over here trying not to bother anyone..." 

When I taught in the studio, I could "hide" behind the yoga. Yes, I was the teacher, engaged and fully present, but the yoga was the star. I never wanted the classes to be about me - the teacher is in service to her students, not the other way around. And I still believe that the practice is the main event and I am just the vehicle...But now that I have to actively promote my class, build my student body, attract my "tribe" as they say, I notice that I have the urge to play small. Playing small simply will not serve me at this time! 

Practicing yoga has allowed me to be my fullest self - daring, present, in the moment, fully entrenched, taking up space - all without apology. 

Class 9 will take you there. I title it "corkscrew up and down + one leg bridge". We go from standing split into an almost seated spinal twist, to build heat and mobility in our legs and hips, so when we do sit for the twist, we can go deeper. For our back-bends, we have the option for some very hip-engaging one leg variations. Bring on that strength and that deep breath! 

Instead of apologizing and playing small, unroll your yoga mat, and take up as much space as you can! Breath it all in, and pour it all out. 

Who in your life needs to hear this today?   

Namaste, Melinda and yes, Black Lives Matter. 


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