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Yoga for Runners!

Updated: Apr 11

Running without injuries and minimized soreness, doesn't that sound glorious?! I love to run myself and incorporate yoga to avoid pain and soreness. And I have now recorded this routine and turned it into a class for you! Try my 'Yoga For Runners' class in combination with your next run and let me know how you feel the next day! You can find the class below and on my site for FREE.

I actually started a daily yoga practice in 2005 because I was running the NYC marathon. Prior to that, I had taken classes of course, and loved it of course, but since signing up for the marathon, I now had a very targeted purpose for my yoga: "NO INJURIES!" and guess what? I sailed right on through that first marathon, smiling, laughing, loving it (except miles 15-21, that's when you cry and question your sanity).

Here is a quick and dirty on how yoga for runners works:

  1. Breathing

  2. Repetitive movement

  3. Focus

Breathing- yoga is all about breath control. Breath control is all about mind control. Once you can control your breath, you can control your attention. Running is all about being in the zone, getting your breath under control, maximizing your oxygen uptake, expanding and contracting your lungs. I cannot think of a better compliment to running than yoga for runners.

Repetitive movement- running is literally the exact same movement over and over again, which is part of the appeal. You can turn off part of your brain- its not complicated, its simply one foot in front of the other for however long you choose. Yoga gives you a chance to undo some of that repetitive stress on your muscles by using all different directions- we bend forward, backward, sideways, upside down and twist! Its like a complete reset for your legs, feet, lungs, heart and mind.

Focus- I have had people tell me that they struggle to complete a full yoga class without checking email or texts. Focus is a rarefied commodity in todays world. We need focus to be our best selves. Running and yoga are both vehicles for facilitating deeper focus. When do I come up with my best ideas? During a run. When do I feel the most compassionate and forgiving? During my yoga practice. I can set aside all of the nonsense and the best of me comes out to shine. It what we all want. Yoga for runners!


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