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Yoga anywhere,

Unlimited access to all classes for just $19.99 a month
Always available, online yoga video classes. Choose from 60 minute sessions, 30 minute classes or 10 minute flows.

Drop in for just $5.99

Rent for $3.99

View for $2.99 or less

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Melinda Abbott

Online Yoga

Melinda Abbott Yoga Classes

Advanced on demand yoga classes

Unlimited monthly yoga classes: $19.99/month*

>> Drop in rental classes start at $2.99. Free classes are also available. <<
Easy and affordable

*Please Note: $19.99/month applies to new accounts only. Existing subscribers should cancel their accounts and re-join to enjoy unlimited yoga for the new price. Cancel by logging in to your account, click on your profile as if to take class, and choose the option to cancel.

Try a free class

A few classes are available for free. Below is class 31, this is one of 3 classes that are free to try. It's a quick, yet perfect 7 minute morning flow to start your day

Class 31 - Quick Morning Flow- hip openers
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Yoga for Experienced Yogis

All classes are considered intermediate/advanced vinyasa yoga and not for beginners (sorry).
It is assumed all practitioners have a background in vinyasa yoga and are able to modify for injuries/pregnancy/physical ability*.

*Please consult your medical professional before starting any exercise program.
Each practitioner takes responsibility for their safety during the course of the practice.

Yoga Studio Classes

Yoga studio Sunday classes in NYC

Live in-person in studio classes with Melinda!

Location: Columbus Ave between 71st and 72nd (246 Columbus Ave)

Enter on street level and go downstairs. The yoga studio is part of Momentum fitness immediately as you walk in. 

Time: 9:00 AM Sundays - 60 min class


Limited capacity: Class is capped at 12 people

Weekday Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays you can find me teaching Yoga at Equinox

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