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Frequently Asked Questions

  • “I am new to yoga – a total beginner! Can I take your class?”
    Hello! My class is suited for practitioners with enough experience to be able to follow verbal cues, transition from pose to pose, and breath consciously all the while. It may feel very challenging for a beginner. Since the classes are online, you can go at your own pace and pause when needed.
  • “What if I cannot get into a pose?”
    You can always modify poses to a level that suits your physical ability, or suits how your body feels that particular day. Try not to worry too much about “getting into” poses and concentrate more on breathing and being present on the mat.
  • “What if I do not like chanting or meditation? Do I have to do that part?”
    Chanting and meditation are vital aspects of a yoga practice. It can feel uncomfortable for some, since it may be foreign and seem “weird”. Rest assured, chanting and meditation have been around for centuries and are observed in some format in all spiritual traditions. Try it and see how you feel! There is no right or wrong way to do it – just practice being still and connecting with your breath, body and mind. You might see that with time, you look forward to this part of class even more than the poses.
  • “When I meditate, my mind is all over the place. Is that ok?”"
    Meditation is sometimes thought to be some sort of mind control -as if we have the power to empty our brains and all of a sudden…poof! Internal bliss. Not so much. Our minds were meant to wander, and to think. Trying to control that is futile. What you can control is a few things: your reaction to your thoughts Judgment & evaluation (example: that’s good, that’s bad, I shouldn’t have that thought, I should think/feel this instead). Try to let your thoughts be. They are just thoughts, harmless in of themselves. They have no meaning until we layer meaning upon them. Its ok to think! Physical reaction (example: my nose itches! I should scratch it…) Remain still as long as you can. Meditation gives us a chance to practice resisting instant gratification. This is priceless. Direction: When your mind starts to wander, and it will, gently bring your focus back to something like your breath, perhaps a visual of a soft light, or a therapeutic mantra like “I am love and love is everywhere.” The act of gently steering your thoughts back to a grounding place gets easier with practice and patience. Don’t give up!
  • "How do I cancel my monthly subscription?""
    So sorry to see you go! You are welcome back anytime. To cancel, please follow these instructions: Sign in to take a class. Then click on your profile where you have the option to cancel. If you have questions, please follow this link:
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