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"Everything you need to know about food, weight management and changing your health for the better."


Tranformation Students

This is for the person who is serious and ready to see change! How exciting! This level pricing includes individual attention from me, homework assignments and a entire overhaul of your diet, exercise and lifestyle to help you transform- I get excited just thinking about it!


Nutrition and weight management - JUST THE FACTS!

Learn actual facts about nutrition:

The interpersonal, environmental, physiological and psychological reasons for eating

Fad diets like Keto and Whole 30 versus tried and true old school Weight Watchers (WW) - what works? I have tried them all!

• Carbohydrates – the good, the great, the bad and the very bad!

• Fats – Fats are not the bad guy! Learn why you need this macro nutrient in your diet…

• Protein – how much, what’s a veggie lover to do, and more…



Transformation! - Master Your Nutrition & Weight Management

  • • 01 Intro to food and nutrition: why, what and when

    • Lecture 1: Food & Why we eat
    • Lecture 2: Why do we eat what we eat when we eat it?
    • Lecture 3: Calories
    • Lecture 4: MacrosStart
    • Lecture 5: Food Labels
    • Lecture 6: Digestion
    • Lecture 7: Digestion Behind the Scenes


    • 02 Carbohydrates!

    • Lecture 8: Carbs!
    • Lecture 9: Carbs and Storage of Energy
    • Lecture 10: Carbs and Intro to whole versus processed
    • Lecture 11: One days worth of whole versus processed
    • Lecture 12: Starches and Fiber
    • Lecture 13: Review and ApplicationStart


    • 03 Section III - Fat and Protein.
    Everything you need to know!

    • Lecture 14: Fat
    • Lecture 15: The worst kind of fat
    • Lecture 16: Protein
    • Lecture 17: Lets take a moment, shall we?


    • 04 Metabolism, diets and what we believe to be true

    • Lecture 18: Metabolism
    • Lecture 19: Metabolism Part II 
      aka How much food do you need
    • Lecture 20: Metabolism Part III
    • Lecture 21: Weight Watchers
    • Lecture 22: Whole 30 and Keto
    • Lecture 23: Belief Systems
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