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Do you know there is more out there for you?

Diet, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle…
I completely transformed my life over the past few years.

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  • I help my clients who are ready for transformation: nutrition, fitness, wellness

  • Make the connection between behavior and health = what you do=how you feel

  • I create sustainable habits and routines that directly impact my client’s quality of life

  • My style is to cater to YOUR style. What you need is what matters

  • I lead by example: I live my dream everyday. You can too! 

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Join my live Yoga classes: Fridays 12:30 pm (EST) via Zoom

I am so excited to offer LIVE online yoga classes via Zoom, starting this Friday at 12:30pm Eastern Time. Classes are free for my monthly subscribers - I will email you the Zoom passcode + link - all others $10 for drop in - Please pay in advance using Venmo:  - After paying, I will message you on Venmo with the passcode for the class. Thank you!

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