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40 Days….

Melindas Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Schedule  (Equinox Fitness Clubs)

Columbus Circle:Tuesdays, Vinyasa Level 2 6:30-7:45pmStretch, Relax and Release, Tuesdays 8-8:30pmThursdays, Vinyasa Yoga 7-8am Sundays, Power Vinyasa 9:15-10:15am Soho:Wednesdays, Vinyasa Level 2/3  7:30-8:30pmEast 54th Street:Thursdays, Power Vinyasa 6-7:15pm Please come to any class and be my guest if you are not a member!  I will be away for the month of June, so I hope to see you before then!   Hello everyone!  I have not updated my blog in a very long time.  It seems that being busy in graduate school hypothesis testing for statistical significance and learning theories of psychotherapy while teaching yoga, personal training clients, being in a relationship, spending time with friends and trying not get swallowed by an ever growing pile of mail is quite the task!  Well, that changes today!  Not the ever growing pile of mail, that is a life-journey.  No, I mean the semester ended for me yesterday, and with that I am just 42 credits shy of being Dr. Abbott!  42 credits sounds like a good healthy amount, and it is.  It is also less than 90 credits, which is where I was 3 years ago when I started graduate school, only intending to get a Masters Degree.  Life is so amazing!  And now I am here…Its like the yoga pose you SWORE you could NEVER do!  Until the day you effortlessly arrive in it, and the feeling of bliss is like no other.  When we create a path for ourselves and we venture closer and closer to our destination, although its not always clear when we will arrive, we learn so much along the way that the destination seems like only one aspect of the journey.  Its the road itself that adds to who we are.  For example, I SWORE I did not like Regression Analysis…until I actually used it!  And now I love it!  Well, love is a strong word.  Lets say I don’t hate it.  And I see how useful it can be, and how ubiquitous it is!  Interesting… I have several new classes!  This is exciting because I absolutely love teaching!  I get the most profound feeling of elation and satisfaction as soon as the class settles into savasana…its like the entire room goes into another level of consciousness and time slows down just enough to let the magic of the present moment find its way into all the darkest corners.  Imagine being able to partake in that feeling as part of my job!  What a life!  I am very fortunate.  I dont really have a theme for this blog entry.  I titled it “40 days” because I have a Kundalini Meditation that I plan to do, and when I start I must do it for 40 days.  Some of you recall that I attempted this back in September, when I got back from Greece.  I got through about 8 days…not as easy as it sounds!  Imagine starting anything new!  The Kundalini yogis will tell you it takes 40 days to make a habit.  I do so want to cultivate a meditation habit in my life, I do!  What stops me?  Oh, just about anything.  “11 minutes?  Thats forever!!”…OR, “I will start first thing tomorrow!(everyday I say that)”…OR  “Ok, ok ok, hmmmm…just 11 minutes right?  Ok, I will see when I can fit that in…on the train?  Does that count?”  OR, just plain “I forgot! I am supposed to start my 40 days Sat Kriya, I know and I forgot!”…Please tell me you can relate!  One day my blog entry will be about me completing my 40 days!  And what it took for me to get through it.  In June I head to Costa Rica for a month long 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher training.  I am beyond excited!   Check out my facebook page, where I posted a “Teacher Spotlight” photo of me.  All thanks to Gerard Calvo for supporting my career! 

“It is the truth we ourselves speak rather than the treatment we recieve that heals us. ” M. Hobart Mowrer (1966)

“Things do not change.  We change.” Henry David Thoreau, Walden

See you in class!!!!


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