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Does it Matter?

Hello readers!  This represents the first update of my blog in many months.  For that I am sorry!  I promised you all a review of Enlighten Up, which was meant to be all sorts of profound meanderings through that magical movie.

Well, instead I got tremendously busy with doctoral work at Graduate school, Ashtanga Primary SeriesTeacher Training at Pure Yoga and teaching my 8 classes of wonderful yogis at 6 different Equinox locations.  Add my relationship, my dog, my family and friends, my yoga practice, early morning runs and an attempt to abstain from sugar (failed) and well, I suppose the blog got the short end of the stick.

And then I realized I was playing the same game we all play… “If I cant do it perfectly I wont do it at all.”  Apply that to anything!  And its easy to see how we let this extraordinarily high expectation drive our best intentions right into…nothing.   This pattern is fairly easy to recognize in our yoga practice, when we shy away from challenging poses, because of above-mentioned logic…for me it was always Virasana (Heros pose in English).  Hello virasana.  Why do you torture me so?!?!?

But guess what?  In the period of…hmm, I have not been counting, maybe 3 years?  My virasana is getting better!  Or the discomfort is easier to tolerate.  Or the posture is getting better.  Or…does it matter?  The title of the post says it all.  You will get somewhere and sometimes not be sure if you go there the right way, or if it took too long or was too easy or too hard, etc.  But does it matter?  One day you will look up and see that you are where you were always headed.  Hey!  Did you take a short cut? Nope. Did you cheat the line?  Nuh-uh.  Did you use patience and sources of strength and resilience? Hopefully, and sometimes maybe not.  Does it matter? Only you can answer that question.

Don’t let the quest be deterred by the journey.  Both are important of course…but when you arrive at a place where you feel at ease, life is flowing and the seeds of prosperity are starting to germinate, you might look back and wonder, Does it Matter (how I got here…)?

If enlightenment, compassion, courage and generosity of spirit are your aims, there are a million ways to get there.  Does it matter which path you take?  It is a great question.  Dive in and find out.

Check the post directly prior to this one for my schedule (excluding the Thanksgiving Holiday 2012, for that please check for an updated schedule).

“It is the truth we ourselves speak rather than the treatment we receive that heals us.”   M. Hobart Mowrer (1966)

“Things do not change.  We change.”  Henry David Thoreau, Walden


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