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🚨 PODCAST! 🎙️ Don’t Let Your Mindset or Toxic Behavior Get In the Way of Being Great

Last month I was guest in the awesome podcast Lead, Inspire, Grow - hosted by the phenomenal Raven Waterman. Click on the image above to listen to it. Raven and I talk about all sorts of things- all the hats we wear as women who work, have families, have dreams, have projects, as well as our fears and how our mindset can either get in the way or set us free. Have a listen and tell a friend!


Often, women wear multiple hats that can include being an entrepreneur, organizational leader, mother, or caregiver and need help figuring out how to change toxic behaviors and thoughts that can derail them from finding the success they want in these areas. Sometimes you'll need to think outside of the box and challenge yourself to figure out how to change these toxic behaviors and thought patterns that limit you, create self-doubt, or keep you stuck in doing things the "safe way." But doing that can be vital because it can allow you the freedom to go after something important to you. Our guest shares her incredible story of making, as she calls it, "out-the-box choices" and finding her way through a journey of challenges and unforeseen opportunities.

In today's episode, we talk with Melinda Abbott, the Ed.D, CHES, and founder of Melinda Abbott Yoga.Nutrition.Wellness. Melinda Abbott has spent time as a personal trainer, teacher, business owner, and mother. She is a Jivamukti Yoga Instructor and has a doctorate in Health Education.

We had a great time talking about how Melinda confronted her doubts and worked through imposter syndrome with changing behaviors and thoughts and were getting in her way. Melinda share's key questions she asked herself, taking risks, and the difference that supports made. Hearing how our guest's experiences have shaped how she looks at life and her business is inspirational.

Here's what you'll learn in this episode:

Key things you can do to overcome your fears and toxic behaviors Ways to break through what might be holding you back from success The value of out the box thinking and how it can change toxic behaviors and beliefs Resource shared in this episode.


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