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In-Person Yoga: Studio Class Jitters!

Updated: Apr 11

I am going to start with some background. My last yoga class in the studio was August 2018,

melinda abbott

when I was quite heavy with my twin pregnancy. I arrived at Equinox Columbus Circle on a Tuesday night like I had been every Tuesday since 2009 (seriously, I only missed class when I was leading my retreats). Except this time I wanted to cry. This was my FAVORITE class (they knew it too) and I really wanted to teach it, or at least say goodbye. My body and my babies said NOPE. I took a shower, hoping that would revive me, but it didn't. I sat on the bench outside of the studio about an hour before class, and must have looked so sorry that my manager took pity on me and found me a sub. She then promptly ordered me to call an Uber, go home, rest, and scale my schedule WAY back. I did all that, and less than 2 weeks later I gave birth to my gorgeous twins. Less than a year later in 2019 I was pregnant with #3, which brings us to 2020 and we all know what happened in 2020.

I missed teaching so much that I created my website! Covid was driving everyone online and the website was a huge hit. A friend suggested I teach outdoors in Central Park, and I thought about could I do that with my three little people? As a single parent, I do not have the option to leave the kids with my partner. My friend is also a Mom and when we met up to scout out locations, we found an awesome playground for the kids to enjoy while I teach. I taught 4

outdoor classes - June, July, September and October (August got rained out). As the season started to change, I realized...I know people! I knew someone who had opened up his own gym on the Upper West Side. Studio class was born.

sold out yoga class in studio

Did I have the jitters? Not for teaching, no. I am always comfortable teaching, especially teaching what I love, yoga. But this class needed a certain minimum number of people to be of value, but only a certain capacity to remain safe. I wanted it to sell out in the first few seconds of posting on my Insta! Instead, the bookings trickled in, as I nervously checked my phone like it was my birthday party and no had replied to my rsvp! As Sunday morning approached, I knew I had 6, which was fine. Then it was 8. And then it was 10! Nine people actually took class (one couldn't make it), and it turns out that right now, less is more.

I used to LOVE a packed class. One day at Greenwich I had 74 people.

yoga class with melinda abbott

My Rock Center class routinely had close to 80 (see photo- 4 rows of 20, just a typical Monday night!). But these are different times and health is always most important. Why would I squeeze in 2 more people if we are actually safer with less? So this class will remain at 10, until things get better (they will!) and we can fit 12 or even 14. Until then, lets embrace safety, health and well-being, and indoor yoga.

And what did I do with my kiddos? They had a blast at the playground in central park under the watchful eye of our great babysitter. All that is to say that yes, we left the house at 7:30 for a 9am class, but the kids were taken care of, we found parking and I got to walk down Central Park West on Marathon Sunday- the vibes were so friendly, enthusiastic and I don't It feels like its been so long since we felt OK enough to make small talk, smile at each other, say good morning to our neighbors, it was really refreshing.

So, yes the class was a hit. I loved every minute of teaching. Thanks to all who have supported me and been there for online, outside, indoors and in between (Zoom Fridays!) Sundays at 9am are back! Are you coming?

advanced in person yoga classes

Helpful hints: you can register in advance on my site. Sign up as far in advance as you like- grab our spot now, as I can see this class filling up every week. You can also take my classes online. A monthly subscription is only $20 for unlimited yoga, and individual classes are an average of $5 each. Message me with your questions. See you in class!!


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