My Online Nutrition And Weight Management Courses

I am excited to empower YOU on this journey to better health through knowledge of nutrition. Together we will tackle things like serving sizes, food labels, metabolism, exercise, social pressure and how to finally manage your weight - for good. Lets get started!

All lectures under 15 minutes! - These classes are perfect for you if you have struggled to understand nutrition and manage your weight effectively.
Want to know exactly what is covered? Take a peek at the syllabus


What people say:

Sabrina M,
Hostos CUNY student

"Professor Abbott, it is my good luck that I got a professor like you this semester.
Your teaching will be remembered always. Thank you so much for helping me in your office hours and after class. That helped me alot to understand the course material."

Candy B,
Hostos CUNY student

Great professors like you make great students like us. I just wanted to share that with you professor Abbott. We value your hard work and dedication. Thank you for being a passionate and caring professor." 

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