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Does yoga "fix" you?

I'm back!

If you didn't hear, I am back to teaching yoga, but online! I have a library of yoga classes you can choose from on my website. I always wanted to share my thoughts about yoga but class in the studio never afforded me that opportunity - the actual yoga was always more important! So here are some thoughts...enjoy! 

Does yoga "fix" us? Often we start, maintain or seek out a "thing" - something that will "fix" whatever we perceive to be wrong with us. Maybe we feel out of shape, or short tempered, or unable to focus, or just not our best selves...and we think AHA! Yoga! And we take a class, and like a sip from the fountain of youth, we feel almost instantly better! 

So, did yoga fix us? Well, lets clarify that there was/is nothing wrong with us. We are all perfect in our imperfection, created in the image of the brilliant universe, meant to shine, designed to soar. What gets in the way of us realizing our beauty is our thoughts, our beliefs, our judgments, our perceptions.

In my experience, a rigorous vinyasa yoga class, like mine, has the potential to quiet these thoughts, because so much of my attention is focused on being with my breath and being in my body. After 9 breaths in Warrior II, trust me, all I am thinking about is how I feel in Warrior II!

A break from the self defeating thoughts is what creates the most relief...of course the stretching and breathing is good too. Combined with mediation, inversions (the ultimate "be present" pose) and deliberate conscious rest (aka sivasana), yoga is a pathway towards not "fixing" but revealing what is already there: a beautiful being with purpose and love to give.

Please share this with a friend who needs to hear it (aka everyone).



ps...go take class 8! Its up on the site now. It's a good one! 


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