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Final Session on goals

I am promoting my classes with a walk through the catalog, starting with Class 1: Bird of Paradise. If you haven't tried it yet or its been a while, peek right to see a clip.

I also added a new class! Its called "Booty Burn". It is a barefoot class that in just under 45 minutes you will get a complete workout for your arms, legs and abs. You do not need any equipment - just yourself! This class is a perfect compliment to yoga, cardio, or any other aspect of your fitness. It is FREE with your $35 monthly unlimited subscription.

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We have reached the final installment of our series on Goals. To review, we started with identifying what constitutes a goal: a dream with a deadline. Then we distinguished between long term goals (something you want to accomplish that will take at least 3 months, often longer) and short term goals (the steps that build up to bring you to your long term goal).

This final installment is meant to highlight the secret of goal setting success:

the effective short term goal.

With effective short term goals, any long term goal is possible. Lets look deeper...

Now, October 1st, is a perfect day to set a long term goal with a deadline of either the holidays or the end of the year -enough time to get it done but not too much time that it feels distant.

Example #1: "I want to lose X number of pounds..."

Example #2: "I want to save X amount of money..."

before Thanksgiving/Holidays/End of Year

Your short term goals would look like:

Example #1:

1. I will participate in a weight loss strategy like Weight Watchers, Noom, intermittent fasting, Keto, Whole 30, etc...for X number of weeks (specify your deadline here)

2. I will exercise for at least 40 minutes 4-5 times per week at an intensity level of at least 6/10, even if its just walking or taking stairs instead of elevator. I can always take Melinda's Booty Burn class and/or Melinda's yoga class!

3. I will keep my surrounding supportive of my goal - no snacks/junk/empty calories in the house to derail me, or if I cant control that, then a strategy where I can avoid unhealthy processed snacks/junk/empty calories.

4. I will track my intake and actively look to find patterns where I am tempted to swerve off goal. When I find patterns, I will be compassionate towards myself, yet firmly decide to find a better way.

Example #2:

1. I will take an inventory of where my money goes each month/week.

2. I will evaluate my inventory and see where I can make productive changes that won't alter my quality of life.

3. I will make changes such as cooking more food from home, shopping in my closet for clothes and paying down debts to reduce interest.

4. I will make an automatic transfer of money, no matter the amount, large or small, into a savings account each month/week.

These two goals compliment each other because they both focus on restraint, and they are both tangible with quantitative results. This is how a consistent yoga practice helps you understand restraint and delay of instant gratification.

You could have a goal that cannot be quantified, such as being more forgiving, or forgiving a specific person/incident. You could want to increase your spiritual practice, or experience more work/life balance. The steps are the same - the process is the same. Just look deeper, create a deadline, break down the goal into smaller steps you can take everyday, and get started!!!

I am here to help - just reach out to me on Instagram or contact me through the website. I would be happy to help you work through your goals.


New class!!! Booty Burn is a 45 min barefoot booty burn that will challenge your arms, legs and abs. No equipment needed! Free with your $35/monthly subscription.

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