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The weather appears to be changing. I think its safe to say we are in "back to school" season even if it looks and operates differently this year than ever before. This has always been and will always be a season of action, of plans, of expectation - wonderful stuff! In this spirit, I would like to speak on goals...

I personally LOVE goals. I make them all the time - daily ones like a to-do list, or more profound ones like how much money I would like to save, or what I want my work-life balance to look like (still working on both of those!). I recently just achieved a significant goal in losing ALL THE BABY WEIGHT. This may resonate for some, and not as much for others -I get that. Lets look at it in more of an objective way where we can all find something relatable:

I felt like I was buried. I had the extra weight from my twin pregnancy, the weight from my second pregnancy, combined with:

less time to work out

out of shape from both pregnancies

competing priorities

an unrelenting want for it to happen "NOW"

So how did I make it happen?

I set goals for myself - short term, long term, daily, weekly, monthly.

I will go into detail about all that in the next few newsletters - too much for this one session!

For now - think about a project/goal where you feel buried -it feels so far away and yet you want it yesterday. Channel these feelings into productivity and focus.

Start by committing to your yoga practice. Some of my classes are under an hour for the time-crunched among us (and that's all of us!).

Commit to your meditation practice - I have added free meditation videos that are less than 10 minutes on the site (right now for my monthly subscribers only but coming soon to all!)

Scroll down for a clip from Class 21 - get excited, roll out the yoga mat and tell a friend!


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Are you buried by something that feels insurmountable while also being something you want very badly for yourself? Next week I will get into more detail about the goal setting process. Join me then and tell a friend!



and yes, Black Lives Still Matter


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