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Goals Part 2!

Classes 22 and 23 are on the site now. Peek left for a clip/sneak peek!

I also added a new class! Its called "Booty Burn". It is a barefoot class that in just under 45 minutes you will get a complete workout for your arms, legs and abs. You do not need any equipment - just yourself! This class is a perfect compliment to yoga, cardio, or any other aspect of your fitness. It is FREE with your $35 monthly unlimited subscription. Tell a friend!

As promised, I am going to begin a series of newsletters revolving around GOALS -how to set them, why they matter, and what to do when you get stuck. It is a lot to process - for this reason I will take it in bite size pieces. Lets begin at the beginning shall we?

A goal is something you want to accomplish within a certain time frame. This makes goals distinct from fantasy, which are often way out of reach ideals that are in serious disconnect from reality. A goal is a wonderful way to orient your life. There are mainly two types of goals: long term and short term. Long term goals inform your short term goals: they coexist, dancing together in rhythm, humming along in harmony.

A long term goal has to have a "why". This is crucial. Why do you want this? For myself, I wanted to lose the baby weight because:

I feel better at a certain size

I have a closet full of clothes I can wear at said size

I know I can do it!

(I know I can do it= self-efficacy, a brilliant concept by Dr. Albert Bandura)

Start with your "why" and then we get technical.

Lets be generic for the moment. The actual goal is yours alone.

Some popular goals:

Lose weight

Save money


Exercise/Meditate/Do something consistently

Whats wrong with these goals?

Too generic!!!

Lets re-boot with some specificity.

Lose weight becomes..."I want to lose X number of pounds by X date in order to fit into X size or do X activity".

Save money becomes..." I want to have X number of dollars in a high yield savings account by X date so I can purchase X/have a cushion for a rainy day".

The more specific your long term goal is TO YOU, the more successful you will be. Long term goals are just that - long term. Think at least 90 days/6 months/one year...anything shorter than that is a short term goal which feeds into your long term goal.

Example of how a short term goal feeds into a long term goal:

"10,000 steps per day" is a short term goal feeding into a long term goal:

"Be more active by Christmas so I can enjoy my vacation."

Next week we will discuss the short term goals that feed into these long term goals. I am excited for you! Start writing down your goals now - writing them down helps you organize and can make a commitment more plausible.


New class!!! Booty Burn is a 45 min barefoot booty burn that will challenge your arms, legs and abs. No equipment needed! Free with your $35/monthly subscription.

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Guided Meditation Number 3 is on the site now!

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